The purpose for which the Western Small Miners Association was originally organized was to protect, enhance, and further the interests, activities, and welfare of domestic independent mineral extraction producers, miners and operators in the western United States; as well as to foster, enhance, and benefit the business of acquisition, exploration, and development of mining properties; through the exploration, production and marketing of ores and mineral valuables.











To establish state of the art mine closure, reclamation and re-vegetation practices and techniques, thereby restoring mined lands to as close to the surrounding contours and conditions of the undisturbed areas as practicable. Promote, enhance and maintain wildlife habitat where practicable.



Furthermore, such producers, miners, and mineral extraction operators are subject to many local, State and Federal regulations which are often cumbersome, inappropriate, or not even applicable for small mineral extraction operations. Often, the enforcement of which, result in obligations and requirements which are no longer economically feasible.


While said operators are dedicated to the stewardship of the environment, health and safety aspects of their workers, and the public, it is of imminent necessity that reasonable and practicable rules, standards and regulations and their subsequent manner of enforcement, be addressed by this Association in a manner which is appropriate to its purposes.

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